Information about HHoops Intramural 2nd Grade Boys basketball can be found here, including resources related to: Objectives, Practice Sessions, Game Format and Rules, and Game Guidelines for Coaches. Expand each section below to learn more.

The objectives of 2nd grade basketball are to build a solid foundation of fundamental skills and team concepts while encouraging teamwork, competitiveness and sportsmanship. In addition, 2nd grade basketball is focused on:

  • Progressing and having fun in short, fast-moving sessions.
  • Emphasizing and nurturing basic skills in fun, fast, game-like ways.
  • Teach man-to-man, 3v3 format (then move to 4v4).
  • Maximize contact with the basketball in active games or game-like drills.
  • Prepare children for 3rd grade basketball.
  • Having fun!