The main objective of the Girls’ Intermediate Division is to teach the children the fundamentals of basketball in a positive, constructive environment that encourages fun and learning. We as coaches need to be very supportive and show lots of encouragement. The children are at an age where they can begin to develop “good basketball habits” if properly shown and developed.  Winning and losing should be downplayed at this level.

Information about HHoops Intramural 5th and 6th Grade Girls basketball can be found here, including resources related to: Regulations, Playing Time, and Rules. Expand each section below to learn more.

  • 9-minute quarters, running clock except during time outs, injuries, and foul shots (clock will stop, referee will get all players set up for foul shot, after the 1st foul shoot is attempted clock will restart).
  • Clock will stop during the last 2 minutes of the second half.
  • 1 minute between quarters; 3 minutes between halves.
  • 1 30-second “time out” per half, for each team.
  • No “time outs” may be carried over to the 2nd half.
  • Referees will stop the clock at approximately 4:30 in each quarter for substitutions.