The main objective of the Girls’ Intermediate Division is to teach the children the fundamentals of basketball in a positive, constructive environment that encourages fun and learning. We as coaches need to be very supportive and show lots of encouragement. The children are at an age where they can begin to develop “good basketball habits” if properly shown and developed.  Winning and losing should be downplayed at this level.

Information about HHoops Intramural 3rd and 4th Grade Girls basketball can be found here, including resources related to: Schedule Information, Practices, Games, Playing Time, and Sportsmanship. Expand each section below to learn more.

Schedules are very tight. Teams need to be ready to go on the court at their time. Have your players be prompt. Also, be considerate of other coaches, teams, and maintenance staff-be sure to end your session on time and clear the courts of your players immediately.

Any scheduled times that are not workable should be changed by calling and working directly with the other coach. You must call the director if you are switching or canceling a game or practice. We want to use all gym time that is available to HHoops.