ICBA_LogoHHOOPS offers travel teams for girls and boys from 3rd grade* through 8th grade.  All teams will be playing in the ICBA (Inter-County Basketball League). Travel teams will be following the ICBA rules & regulations.

* 3rd grade travel is boys only.


  • Coaches will be selected by the HHoops Travel Committee.
  • Prospective coaches must provide a coaching resume for review by the travel committee.
  • There will not be automatic succession year to year of current coach.
  • Each travel coach will be evaluated at the end of the year.
  • Coaches will be determined by the travel committee for the next travel season at the conclusion of the current season.


  • Teams will typically practice two times a week from early-mid November through the end of the year.
  • Teams will play a 12-14 game schedule, 2 games per week from the middle of December through the middle of February.
  • ICBA playoffs will be in late February/early March. Please consider this commitment before trying out for a team.

Player Tryouts:

  • Players who wish to play both intramural and travel must pay both the club registration fee and the travel registration fee to participate on both teams.
  • Players are not guaranteed automatic succession to the next grade level for the next season.
  • Players must tryout for their respective teams each year.
  • Players will be selected by the travel coaches at the conclusion of two tryout sessions.
  • Objective input on player selection can be provided by members of the travel committee and evaluators.

Boys Travel Teams

Girls Travel Teams